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Advanced Orthodontics

Advanced clinical research by Dr. Darick Nordstrom and the authors have uncovered one of the mechanisms that cause orthodontic relapse and why the traditional orthodontic/orthopedic model has failed.

Many functional and traditional orthodontists accept the concept that a corrected dentition has a greater probability of remaining stable when the forces of the dental musculature are in a state of harmony. The advanced paradigm expands that concept to include harmony of the cranial mechanism (28 cranial bones and dural membrane system).


ALF Treatments

For many years we have utilized a hidden and unobtrusive "light wire functional appliance" named "ALF" [Alternative Lightwire Functional] appliance that was developed by Dr. Darick Nordstrorn.

Over time the ALF unlocks the distorted bones of the skull, corrects the shape of the dental arches, and creates room to realign the teeth without having to extract teeth.

These corrections have produced unexpected improvement in body balance and alignment. As treatment progresses, patients have stated that they finally feel comfortable in their physical body.

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